In the video “How to Pair Beer with Food” by BrewDog, James and Martin take on the challenge of pairing craft and homebrew beers with a 3-course Los Angeles Gourmet Pub Menu. They visit Father’s Office, an establishment known for their beer and food pairings, and explore unique combinations to find the perfect match. From Dutch breakfast cold smoked eel with fennel and onion salad, to the famous Father’s Office burger with caramelized onions and bacon, they experiment with different beers to enhance the flavors of each dish. With their expert guidance, you’ll learn the art of pairing beer with food and discover the delightful combinations that will put a smile on your face. Cheers to the perfect match!

In the delightful video “How to Pair Beer with Food” by BrewDog, James and Martin embark on a culinary adventure to pair the right flavors of craft and homebrew beers with a 3-course Los Angeles Gourmet Pub Menu. They visit Father’s Office, a renowned spot for beer and food pairing, where they experiment with different dishes such as cold smoked eel and the famous Father’s Office burger. With their keen understanding of flavors, they create unique combinations to enhance the dining experience. Join them on this journey to discover the art of beer and food pairing, and learn how to create the perfect match that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

How to Make the Perfect Beer and Food Pairings | Brew Dogs


Beer and food have always been a match made in heaven. The right combination of flavors can elevate your dining experience and leave you with a smile on your face. In 2015, James and Martin took on the challenge of pairing craft and homebrew beers with a delectable 3-course Los Angeles Gourmet Pub Menu. Let’s dive into their journey and learn how to create the perfect beer and food pairings.

The Art of Pairing

Pairing beer with food is an art form that requires careful consideration of flavors and textures. The goal is to find a balance between the beer and the dish, where each element enhances the other. To achieve this, it’s important to understand the characteristics of both the beer and the food.

How to Pair Beer with Food

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The Challenge Begins

James and Martin embarked on their beer and food pairing adventure at Father’s Office, an iconic spot in LA known for its commitment to quality beer and cuisine. The challenge was for Martin to select beers from their menu, while James would pair those dishes with local homebrews. The ultimate goal was to determine the best pairings and showcase the talent of both commercial and home brewers.

Dish 1: Dutch Breakfast

The first dish on the menu was a unique appetizer called Dutch Breakfast. It consisted of cold smoked Eel from Holland, a soft-poached egg with a fennel and onion salad, and a horseradish creme. James chose the Craftsman 1903 Prohibition Lager to pair with this dish, hoping to highlight the bright flavors of the fennel salad. However, the beer fell a bit flat, lacking the desired brightness. In contrast, Martin opted for a sour Belgian beer, which complemented the richness of the dish and provided a refreshing tartness. James won this round with his choice of beer.

How to Pair Beer with Food

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Dish 2: The Famous Father’s Office Burger

Next up was the famous Father’s Office Burger, a mouthwatering creation with caramelized onions, applewood smoked bacon, two cheeses, and a touch of blue cheese. Martin decided to pair this flavorful burger with Smog City Pork Tonic, a local IPA that boasted vibrant hoppy flavors to cut through the beefy goodness. James, on the other hand, selected a North English Ale brewed by his partner Andy Ziskin, which had malty and nutty notes to complement the caramelized onions. Ultimately, Martin’s choice of beer stood out, earning him a point in this round.

The Dessert Finale

To finish off the meal, Sang whipped up a signature dessert – an ice cream sandwich made with gingerbread cookies, sweet potato ice cream, candied pumpkin seeds, and a sea salt caramel. James decided to go for a dark beer, Brewery Boi Oak Aged Imperial Stout, which boasted complex flavors of nuts, coffee, and chocolate to perfectly complement the rich dessert. In contrast, Martin opted for Sled Dog, an Oak Aged Imperial Stout with roasty and bitter notes. Both beers served as excellent companions to the dessert, but James’s choice ultimately won the round.

How to Pair Beer with Food


In the battle between commercial and homebrewed beer, it was a close call. Both James and Martin showcased their talent for beer and food pairings, creating memorable combinations that delighted the taste buds. The perfect beer and food pairing is subjective and depends on personal preferences. With experimentation and an understanding of flavors, anyone can master the art of pairing. So, grab your favorite beer and get creative with your next meal – you might just discover an incredible combination that puts a smile on your face. Cheers!

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