About Us

About Us

Total Beverage offers an extensive range of products and gift ideas for individuals who have a passion for coffee, beer, cocktails, spirits, tea, wine, and other beverages. Our mission is to provide all the necessary tools and accessories for enthusiasts to prepare, serve, and enjoy their favorite beverages.

Our Products

At Total Beverage, we curate a diverse selection of high-quality products specifically tailored to cater to the needs of beverage lovers. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur, beer enthusiast, or cocktail aficionado, we have the perfect item for you. Our extensive collection includes:

  • Coffee related products: From premium coffee beans to brewing equipment, we offer everything you need to create the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Wine related products: Explore our range of wine accessories, decanters, glassware, and storage solutions designed to enhance your wine-drinking experience.
  • Tea related products: Discover a variety of tea infusers, teapots, and tea leaves, allowing you to brew the finest teas and explore different flavors.
  • Bar products: Elevate your home bar with our selection of bar tools, mixers, and accessories, enabling you to craft professional-quality cocktails.
  • Cocktail related products: Unleash your creativity with our extensive assortment of cocktail ingredients, shakers, strainers, and garnishes.
  • Glassware: Choose from an array of glassware options, including wine glasses, beer mugs, cocktail glasses, and more, to elevate your beverage presentation.
  • Home bar equipment: Complete your home bar setup with our range of equipment, including ice buckets, bottle openers, wine racks, and storage solutions.
  • Coffee equipment: Upgrade your coffee brewing experience with our collection of espresso machines, grinders, and other coffee accessories.
  • Everything you need: We strive to provide all the necessary products to ensure you have everything you need to prepare, serve, and enjoy beverages of all kinds.

Our Commitment

Total Beverage is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and providing products of the highest quality. We carefully curate our selection to offer unique and premium items that meet the varied preferences of our customers. Our team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction and fulfilling your beverage-related needs.

Discover the perfect gift for the beverage lover in your life or elevate your own drinking experience with Total Beverage. Join us on this exciting journey as we celebrate the world of coffee, beer, cocktails, spirits, tea, wine, and beyond. Cheers!