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  • Author: Dean
    This is the first time I have tried cognac with vodka in it. Since cognac is brandy, a type of wine, who would have thought this would be a good combination? Guess what? It works. This is the first cognac that I have drunk with such a pleasant taste. Sweet, a little smoky, spicy and it has a real punch.

    Chances are that the real conniseurs will not like this drink. To them it will likely be a perversion of cognac rather than a natural evolution to a more enjoyable and drinkable "dessert" type of drink. To the rest of us, if you like the very sweet dessert type wines, you will love this, and the price is middling for cognac, an affordable splurge to have once in a while.

    Put it in a regular shot glass - forget the fancy tulip or snifter type glasses. The vodka tends to overpower the somewhat pleasant smell of cognac. A sniff of this might elevate your blood alcohol level. The vodka elevates the alcohol to 80 proof. No ice, room temperature is how I prefer it, but there's nothing wrong with icing it if you prefer it that way. You will love the way the syrup like fluid flows over the ice - like scotch in slow motion. This is the every man cognac (just an expression, ladies, you will like this, too).

    Okay, ya'll, drink up and leave some on the shelf for the rest of us.
  • Author: William Fast
    Why ruin a cognac by adding a cheap alcohol like vodka? I don't get it.
  • Author: Nathan
    It is very obvious that the five star review here is written by someone who works for the pr company representing this awful product. No one would put that much care into a review for "vodka infused cognac". Watering down cognac with neutral grain or corn spirit is not a natural evolution. The only thing more offensive than the concept of this product is how it tastes. The above poster and the company that makes this product should be ashamed
  • Author: Susan
    Smells like straight up rubbing alcohol, but the taste is sip and I was in love!
  • Author: John
    I just got a bottle to taste and after reading your review I don't even want to try - I am taking this one back to the store you are correct why ruin a cognac
  • Author: D. Blaque
    Obviously William, Nathan, and John are snobs. 20 Grand (pun intended) they didn't even give it a chance. This is a great liquor.
  • Author: C. Gainey
    Twenty Grand is interesting to say the least. The drink pours a deep amber color and seems a bit artificial (i.e. lots of caramel added). No legs present in the glass. The nose is acetone, ethanol, and just a slight hint of vanilla with none of the raisin or oak notes common with cognac. On the palate it is extremely thin with no oiliness or chewability that makes cognac so pleasant. Sugar rushes over the tongue with hints of cheap confections. Very one dimensional, a little rubbing alcohol burn and its all gone. If you really don't like cognac but want to fit in with the hip-hop crowd this one is for you. Bring your sweet tooth because this one will give you cavities.
  • Author: larry
    I like it .I drink both so this is really a good drink .Here is the best way .Bottle to glass to mouth.
  • Author: scott
  • Author: B
    good shit haven't even had a sip yet! Fuck haters if u get drunk off the shit it's all good lmao
  • Author: BT
    Its alright but I wouldnt buy it again. I drink alot of cognac and scotch but I drink it straight to enjoy the quality. Drinking this straight is way too sweet, it taste like it is already mixed. Its still good but not for me. If you like mixing your alcohol with juice, tonic, or whatever then you'll probably like this. Give it a try, im used to paying 50 to 100 dollars for good cognac and scotch, so this is pretty cheap at 25 or 30 dollars.
    My best comparison to this is Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, but with more sugar.
    Tennessee Honey is better than this but its only 35 percent. Someone might like this better because its sweeter and has a little more alcohol content.
  • Author: Cornelius
    I ask people about twenty grand and I got good reviews said that it was real smooth and worth buying so I bought a bottle and I was very disappointed this liquor is way to sweet what straight vodka and straight cognac is that sweet none that I can think of so for me I would not be buying another bottle..
  • Author: CR
    I am not an employee of 20Grand, nor a beverage snob. I am not a 'hip hop club goer'. I am a not a person who enjoys 'dark' liquors because they are too strong and unpleasant to drink. I would NEVER drink vodka straight either-to me it does taste/smell like rubbing alcohol. I am just a regular girl who usually drinks wine or a fruity martini type drink. I say all that to say this: Twenty Grand Vodka tastes really d*amn good. Really. Damn. Good. I like it straight, without ice. Yes, it is sweet. It doesn't pucker your face :). I guess in snob-talk that is to say it's incredibly smooth. It doesn't cause hangovers, as some cheap liquors often do. So if you are a regular Joe/Joanna and you just want to try something very 'drinkable' as the other reviewer put it, then 20Grand is suitable for you. I will give it 5 stars. Just my humble opinion.
  • Author: RS
    Music and food (I am including everything we consume as food) is extremely subjective. Our brains process more than the senses we use to judge food. Our taste buds, our nose, etc. We actually use memories from other experiences, our peers opinions, perhaps our fathers opinion about a particular alcoholic beverage. I find these "judgments" about this or any other food hilarious and sometimes disturbing.

    I just had this product at a wine tasting. It was the best thing I had all night at the tasting. That is my opinion. Based on where the industry is going such as Whiskey manufacturers have recently started adding honey and other flavors to their long lasting brands, this should be a very popular product.

    I will not go into my opinion of many popular bands and types of music and other alcoholic beverages because the maker of this fine product does not deserve a bunch of negative comments.